The results of the sub voting will be listed here.

Vote 1Edit

In vote 1, we decided to:

Make a planet (8 votes)

Use arcanepunk instrumentation (15 votes)

Write an anthology (19 votes)

Vote 2Edit

In vote 2, we decided to:

Decide between 3 gods or 10 gods.

Use magic from within and magic derived from a arcane/non-divine source.

Decide between a divine creation or natural formation of the world.

Discuss the water percentage of the planet further.

Set to temperature to Earth-like.

Decide between 3 non-human races or 5 non-human races.

In vote 2, we also suggested:

Using a wiki to catalog the information being used.

Create a seddit! chatroom.

Establish deadlines. Allow applications for writing submissions.

Vote 3Edit

In vote 3, we decided to:

Establish 10 gods.

Set a naturally formed universe.

Create 3 non-human races.