Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Whats the level of technology set at?

A: The tech level is set as 'arcanepunk'. This is industrial era technology powered by magic as an energy source. Google can tell you more. But as you are outside of time, you are encouraged to write content for magic and technology before and after the time of arcanepunk.

Q: How does this project work?

A: Teams

Q: I have an idea that I want to implement, but its in the scope of another team. How do I implement it?

A: Teams rotate, so you can either wait for your rotation on that team and implement it, or message someone on that team with your idea and have them implement it.

Q: I just came up with the best idea ever, I don't want anyone else to screw with it. How do I protect my work?

A: There are several layers of protection. First, there is the team owner. The team owner will protect content from being mutilated later on down the road. Second, there is the voting process. Major changes will be voted on. Third, structural integrity exists. Someone can't just change something willy nilly when so many things are relying on it staying the same. It just wouldn't make sense and team members and other teams will prevent that from happening.