Anemoi are a species of aerial life forms, evolved from ammonia-eating extremophiles in one of the world's mountain ranges. (Meta: Their name is a place-holder until a better one is developed by the team.)

Not much is known of them by humans, spectres, or bramble-men. The anemoi are peaceful generally and have a natural knack at magic for their self defense.
Anemoi Concept Easier to See

Concept art done by Thetaubadel.


Anemoi have gaseous sacks that provide ballast and lift, tentacles with multiple ends, an organ for pressure and altitude control/detection, a type of eye, and a beak. They also have a central nervous system and a "fin" like a tadpole's tale.

Magic UsageEdit

Being naturally adept at magic, anemoi are commonly found using magic. As more of their ability is learned it will be added.  As air-born life forms there should be a focus on aeromancy for propulsion and weather control to help mitigate the danger posed to airborne lifeforms by storms.